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About Aligned CAE

Aligned CAE is committed to the concept of value added CAE. In the past past, CAE has often been used to generate impressive images that were often created simply because it was a required internal process or to impress a customer. Aligned CAE has the experience and knowledge to increase the value of your CAE. Utilized methodologies focus not only on performance prediction but encompass the other critical areas of product development including:

- Cost
- Timing
- Mass
- End user satisfaction

In partnership with our clients, Aligned CAE generates the following:

- Detailed timing plan with milestones.
- Comprehensive Statement of Requirements (SOR) with a detailed Roles and responsibilities Matrix (RASIC).
- Detailed business case with Return on Investment (ROI) calculations to ensure CAE project feasibility.

This, combined with 'Best of Breed' tools, processes, cost and timing makes Aligned CAE truly unique organization in the world of CAE.

Aligned CAE considers a customer as a partner, believing our success is directly related to the success of our customers. In order to ensure the highest value CAE service possible we align our processes and tools with our client's systems to provide maximum retention of product knowledge and correlation. The essence of our organization to become truly aligned with our customers.

Snapshot of Aligned CAE's Business Case