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From the simplest to most complex simulations, Aligned CAE can handle it. We have conducted projects that range from relatively simple duct flow balancing to complete vehicle thermal models (> 10 million cells). With extensive expertise in the practical application CFD, Aligned CAE utilizes high end 3D and 2D fluid simulation tools for the development of fluid behavior models. Potential tools include (but are not limited to)

- Fluent
- Star CD
- Star CCM+

The potential applications of CFD are too extensive to list here. Some applications of CFD analysis include:

- Aerodynamics
- Heat Transfer
- Combustion
- Fuel Systems
- Exhaust systems

The use of CFD to predict the behavior of fluids in a steady state or transient scenario gives our clients unparalleled understanding of the behavior of their fluid dynamic systems. Combining the knowledge of our clients with that of Aligned CAE during our interactive post processing gives the best results during problem resolution and product development activities.

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ALMS CLK concept full aero analysis