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Structures CAE

Aligned CAE offers services in the design of structures and mechanisms. Simulation services are divided into two main categories:

- Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
- Kinematics

Finite Element tools are utilized to determine the structural properties of simple and complex structures. FEA can be used to accurately model the behaviors of structures under a variety of conditions. Solutions can typically be split into two categories inherently linear or non-linear, the solution type is determined by material choice and load scenario (steady state or transient). By nature, non-linear FEA models are typically more computationally intensive than their linear counterparts however provide a solution that mimics transient non linear physical events.  For more information on FEA methods please visit =>

Kinematic simulation tools are used to solve simple and complex mechanism challenges. These tools are extremely useful in determining loads and generating complex cam profiles. Kinematic simulation tools provide statistical and graphical representations of mechanisms that aid in the design decision process. For more information on Kinematic analysis please visit =>

Aligned CAE has the ability to link both our FEA tools with our Kinematic Simulation tools to provide our customer accurate representations of dynamic structures, harnessing the power of modern CAE.


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