Aligned CAE LLC

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Aligned CAE is a United States Limited Liability Company  (LLC). Unlike many CAE service providers, all work is undertaken in the United States giving us the highest level controls over our clients critical intellectual property. With military based projects this also provides compliance with ITAR requirements.

Data transfer methods include 128 and 256 bit encryption as a standard process, data backups include secure off-site fireproof storage.
Prior to the engagement of Aligned CAE for projects that may contain sensitive intellectual property it is recommended that a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement (NDA) are executed between both parties. These documents can be sourced from Aligned CAE or from our Client.

As an engineering organization ethics are very important, all attempts are made to ensure compliance with the National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Conduct

Differing data and security scenarios can be accommodated on an as needed basis per our client's requirements.


       Aligned CAE security Matrix