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For CAE projects that involves a repetitive methodology, Aligned CAE recommends the generation of a custom interface that provides a common application layer. The interface acts as template for the user with controls on inputs and automated reporting. Aside from providing CAE process automation, interfaces can be used to communize GUI's between CAE types, for example and FEA interface could have the same look and feel as a CFD interface. The creation of custom interfaces also helps to control processes and provide data pedigree in that our clients can now trace a result back to input data and the CAE process used. Potential tools include (but are not limited to)

- Fiper
- SimManager

Interfaces can be hosted locally or published securely over the internet. If desired, Aligned CAE can also host your GUI on our server. Interfaces can also be linked seamlessly to optimization algorithms adding more power to our clients GUIs.

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Web Based Automotive Duct CFD GUI