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Imagine solving a complex engineering problem while you sleep?. With automated optimization this dream scenario becomes a reality. Aligned CAE has the ability to combine best in breed CAE tools into an automated process driven by highly advanced optimization algorithms. With our optimization processes, any number and type of CAE tools can be connected using custom scripts, batch files and off the shelf tools to automate even the most complex CAE process. This coupled with High Performance Computing gives our clients unprecedented potential to create the perfectly optimized product. Our optimizations can be single or multi-objective (for example, maximizing strength whilst minimizing mass) and can be applied to all of our CAE tools and processes. Potential tools include (but are not limited to):

- ModeFrontier
- isight
- Matlab
- Sculpter
- HyperStudy

As optimization can be applied to all of our processes the quantity of permutations is almost limitless. Some potential applications of optimization include:

- Aerodynamics property optimization
- Heat Transfer optimization
- Structure Optimization
- Combustion Optimization
- Fluid Flow optimization

These use of optimization in Aligned CAE's services adds another layer of value to the solutions we provide our clients. When our optimization solutions are fully utilized, return on investment is rapid whilst maintaining or even improving product performance.

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3D CFD optimization process of Heat Exchanger