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Parametric Midsurface

A typical FEA or CFD meshing process involves the extraction of relevant surfaces from base CAD data followed by the importation of this geometry into a third party tool - this process often results in the un-parameterization of the surfaces making iterative changes to geometry difficult. Aligned CAE offers a unique parameterization service of the base FEA and CFD geometry configured for easy modification. The parameterized models can be complete representations of the product or only small sections of geometry that could be open to modification. Potential tools for parametric mid-surface include (but are not limited to)

- Unigraphics NX
- Pro E
- Solidworks
- Solid Edge
- Autodesk Inventor
- Alibre Design

Parametric midsurfaces become even more powerful when coupled with Aligned CAEs optimization capabilities allowing the automated adjustment of the base geometry and associated mesh to converge on our clients goal.

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    Parametric Midsurface and Mesh of a cooling Fan Assembly