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Fluids CAE

Aligned CAE offers services in the exciting world of Fluids Engineering. Simulation services are divided into two main categories:

- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
- 1D fluid flow

CFD tools are utilized to provide precise definition of flow fields, heat transfer, mixing and various other fluid dynamic characteristics via finite element or finite volume methods. By nature, CFD models are typically computationally intensive, however provide a highly accurate solution to many complex fluid engineering problems. For more information on CFD methods please visit =>

1D fluid flow tools are very useful in defining systems of a scale that is not economically feasible to simulate via CFD. An example of this would be the entire AC loop of a motor vehicle. 1D tools are often used in the sizing of components and the design of large complex systems. For more information on 1D methods please visit =>

Aligned CAE has the ability to link both our CFD tools with our 1D fluid flow tools to provide our customer's the 'best of both worlds'. For example the use of rapid 1D fluid simulation for system overview followed integration 3D CFD models to optimize component design.


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