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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If there is not an answer to one of your questions please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Q: How do you protect you Client's Intellectual property?
A: Aligned CAE's structure is designed to provide secure services to our clients. Much of our security comes from the fact that we do not off-shore our work to countries such as India and China. We understand the sensitive nature of many of our projects and have the systems in place to ensure complete control of your information. For more information please visit our security policies page

Q: Many of your tools are computationally intensive, how do you manage this?
A: Most of aligned CAE's solving takes place in house on our ever expanding HPC (High Performance Computing) cluster. We have a continuous improvement philosophy on compute power that requires us to continually expand our cluster with the latest technology. This philosophy combined with minimal overhead provides our customers extremely fast turn around on projects at best in class rates. On the odd occasion that demand exceeds supply of compute power, non-sensitive solving activities can be outsourced to local vendors that may have excess computing capacity. Our cluster is available for rent at competitive cpu-hour rates for more information please contact us

Q: How do you link your tools?
A: Part of Aligned CAE's competitive advantage revolves around the integration of 'best of breed' CAE tools combined with Aligned CAE's methodologies. Linking takes place via custom scripts and batch processes integrated with third party tools. Many years of development have gone into these methodologies providing our customers with often astonishing speed in project turn around.

Q: Are you cost competitive?
A: Our minimal overhead structure allows us to provide a cost effective service when compared with our local and off-shore competitors. Our value comes from our expertise in result interpretation and commitment to value added CAE as will as our un-matched ability to turn projects around in extremely short time frames. Put us to the test - you won't be disappointed!