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Aligned CAE creates, solves and post-processes FE models that range from simple single constraint load conditions to complex transient destructive crash simulations. Aligned CAE has extensive expertise in the practical application FEA, providing our clients valuable solutions to their performance, cost and mass challenges. Aligned CAE utilizes high end 3D and 2D FEA simulation tools for the development of structures to our client's requirements. Potential tools include (but are not limited to)

- Nastran
- Ansys
- LS-Dyna
- Abaqus

The potential applications of FEA are to extensive to list here. Some applications of FEA analysis include:

- Stress/Strain analysis
- Modal Anaylsys
- Fatigue failure prediction
- Crash Simulation
- Buckling

The use of FEA to predict and visualize the behavior of structures in a steady state or transient scenario provides a powerful understanding in the behavior of these systems. FEA is an extremely powerful tool when used with a focus on cost and mass reduction whilst maintaining performance.

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Non Linear FEA of Bracket