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Interaction CAE

Interaction CAE is a term used by Aligned CAE to define a group of services that pertains to Client-CAE interaction and CAE tool to CAE tool interactions. The true value of CAE is often realized when the base tools (eg CFD solver) are integrated into automated optimization and interface tools. Interface tools provide unique easy to use Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for users that may not have the knowledge to operate an inherently complex CAE tool. Further power is added to CAE when we leverage automated optimization. The final, and often most valuable Client - CAE interface is a physical part generated from raw CAE data. Our interaction CAE services are divided into three main categories:

- Optimization
- Interface
- Prototyping

CAE optimization is a rapidly growing field. Optimization tools allow the automated running of several possible design solutions leveraging Design of Experiment (DOE) runs applied to generic optimization algorithms to converge on a theoretical 'optimal solution'. Until recently these optimization programs were limited to 1D, 2D and very small 3D CAE studies, however, the increase in the general availability of High Performance Computing (HPC) now allows the integration of these powerful optimization tools into larger 3D problems. For more information on automated optimization please visit =>

The creation of easy to use GUIs that provide an application layer that separates the user from a complex CAE code is another way of adding additional value of our clients CAE tools and proprietary methodologies. Once the complexity is removed from a CAE tool's interface, the potential use of the tool is expanded to a larger group - improving payback and return in investment. Recently the internet has allowed the publication of these custom applications to an even wider audience - increasing the value of CAE out client's CAE tools even further.  For more information on CAE interfaces please visit =>

Prototyping is a critical element of a true CAE process. Although this process is physical by nature, prototyping can be used to validate a CAE methodology as well as provide our clients properties that can aid the design decision process. Prototypes are produced directly from CAE data providing highly accurate components that are useful for a variety of evaluations. For more information on prototyping please visit =>


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