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Design CAE

The kingpin of any great product is great design. Aligned CAE offers extensive services in the realm of product design. Our competitive advantage comes from the leverage of our comprehensive suite of CAE tools that is applied applied to design of products. Aligned CAE's pro-active value added design service ensures robust design solutions for our clients, whilst minimizing development costs. Design services are divided into four main categories:

- 3D CAD Design
- 2D CAD design
- Rendering
- Art to Part

2D and 3D CAD design is a widely used, extremely powerful virtual prototyping tool. Nearly all of today's consumer products, automobiles, medical equipment and aircraft are designed using 3D CAD tools. 3D CAD models are also used as a basis for CFD and FE analysis providing a highly accurate 3D geometric representation of a product. Up until the early 90s 3D CAD was the domain of large Aerospace and Automotive corporations mainly due to the prohibitive cost of the hardware required to operate the 3D software, because of this 2D CAD was the predominant CAE tool used for design. The huge advances made in hardware performance now means that 3D CAD is the mainstream tool in physical product design. 2D CAD is still widely used today, and is particularly useful in the rapid generation of concepts as well as the creation of 2D engineering drawings. For more information on 2D and 3D CAD please visit =>

Rendering is an important part of design. Renderings are typically photorealistic and can accurately communicate design concepts to management and potential end users for evaluation prior to physical build. Rendering tools are so powerful now that in some cases it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a digital photograph and a photorealistic rendering. For more information on Rendering please visit =>

'Art to Part' is a generic term for the complete product development cycle, the service is comprehensive in nature and is started simply with an idea. The end result being typically a functional prototype or even a complete product including manufacturing solution.



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