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Meshing CAE

Meshing is the foundation for all FE based CAE activity. A quality mesh is a prerequisite for reliable CFD and FE analyses projects as is a thorough comprehension of the effects of a mesh on a result. FEA and CFD meshes have some similarities in the process in which they are created, but the requirements differ particularly on the types of elements used and the source geometry required. In many cases meshing is the bottle neck for the analysis process often taking up the majority of the time in the project. Geometry quality can be directly related to the speed in which a mesh can be generated.  Aligned CAE meshing services are divided into three main categories:

- CFD Meshing
- FEA Meshing
- Parametric Midsurface

An FEA mesh source typically consists of a mid-surface or solid body of the structure. Element types typical for FEA include variations of TRIS, QUADS, TETS and HEXA elements. Mesh quality is critical for reliable results.  For more information on FEA meshing please visit =>

A CFD mesh source consists of geometry that defines the fluid boundaries. A typical CFD volume mesh consists of TETS, HEX and/or Polyhedral elements. As with an FEA mesh, quality is critical to achieve reliable convergence of a solution. Recent advances in surface wrapping technologies have reduced CFD meshing times for highly complex geometries significantly, providing results much quicker than previously possible. For more information on CFD Meshing please visit =>

A parametric midsurface is fully parameterized CAD geometry dedicated to the purpose of FEA or CFD. The geometry is easily modifiable by the adjustment of variables imbedded in the CAD system. Meshes can also be dynamically linked to the base geometry and can be automatically updated based on the variable change. These models are extremely useful for FEA and CFD optimization activities allowing the rapid generation of many possible design iterations. It should be noted that the parametric CFD surface is not the actual midsurface of the structure but the surface that defines the fluid domain.


Complete Vehicle cabin Mesh for FMVSS De-Ice simulation